Mike Watt^

Dialogue, narrative transportation, moments, motifs - animators provide élan and hyperbole and understatement boiled hard and noir and soft.
I've worked closely with at least 120, enabling their creative processes through to performance. My course brings the animators into physical character, rather than dealing with a pliable object (a model, another actor). Empowering oneself with the skills to demonstrably occupy or inhabit one’s character(s) is an established industry standard animators must learn to meet, through performance. At least one performance. Once you've taken the bow, these skills are hardwired.

The experiences that animators have while in character can fundamentally deepen their experience as storytellers, alter the story itself, and enrich the final onscreen performance, viewed by millions.

Because one must physically embody a character in a performance, this class is not for the faint of heart. Performance is mandatory.

I've taught Acting for Animators for the past ten years, in Denmark, Germany and Hungary, courses lasting 3-5 days. Would you like to see my teaching resume? I'll upload tomorrow.

Please download teaching resume here (tomorrow), or read my bio at The Animation Workshop's website.